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Building your Dream Fence

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People are building fence for many reasons, among the common reasons are security, privacy, some boundary definition and noise reduction. Some homeowners also build their fences for beautification and adding style to their landscapes for their homes. Either for aesthetic or security reasons, fences is the best way to do it. Fence Companies Fort Wayne can really help in building your fences on your property that can definitely enhance the value of your home and the quality of your life if you will add fencing on your property.

Fence Material

There are many options in choosing a material for fencing like ornamental fencing, vinyl fencing or wood fencing. When you go with traditional wood fencing, it gives you the functionality of a fence as well as aesthetically pleasing. Vinyl on the other hand has timeless styling and it is also more intricate compared to wood fencing while ornamental fencing will give you the highest quality compared to both. Ornamental fencing is not only more elegant but also higher in strength and toughness compared to wood fencing and vinyl fencing. Among these three types of fencing, wood fencing is maybe the most used for it is very popular for having fashion and function when it comes to fencing. There once a time when wood fencing is built from scratch but now, preassembled fence panels are available in the market in which the fence construction becomes easier and faster.

Fence style and panels

There are many different fence panels in the market that will suite in every taste of a homeowner. These fences are designed uniquely in different detail making no fence is the same with each other and these preassembled fence has three styles, these are the spaced picket, shadow box and the solid fence panel styles.

  • Spaced picket

This type of fence style is ideal for keeping pets and children define the boundaries and give an aesthetic appeal and to have distinctive look. This style of fence is generally shorter than solid style but the advantage of this style of fence is it don’t block the view of the surrounding area.

  • Shadow box

This style use an alternating panel across the front and back to give the fence the same look on both sides. This makes the shadow box fence ideal for homeowner that want to have pleasant view from both sides. This style is generally taller than usual that allows more circulation of the air while having a full containment look.

  • Solid

Solid fencing style is being used as containment fencing. It is generally used to surround swimming pool and dividing property lines because of the privacy it provides. This has basic styles, the elaborate design, pointed style and the dog-ear style.


When you buy a fence that is intended to endure storms, a homeowner must pay close attention to the type of material for the quality of material has a very special effect on the fence themselves like for example in wood fences, make sure to choose the right kind of wood and treat it with paint or waterproofing seal if you want your fence to last long and save money in the long run.

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